A Fan Con For All Things Sherlock Holmes.

Atlanta, GA - April 13-15, 2018



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Hours of Operation

Registration: Friday, 4pm- 7pm; Saturday, 10am - 7pm; Sunday, 10am - 12pm

Programming: Friday, 5pm - 1am; Saturday, 10am - 2am; Sunday, 10am - 5pm

Dealers: Friday, 5pm - 7pm; Saturday, 10am - 7pm; Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Viewing Room: Friday, 4pm - 1am; Saturday, 9am - 2am; Sunday, 9am - 4pm

Craft Room: Friday, 4pm - 9pm; Saturday, 10am - 9pm; Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Burlesque Tickets On Sale Now

We are very excited to be welcoming the Hysteria Machines burlesque show back this year! Tickets are $20 with all proceeds going to the Beacon Society.

The show will be Friday night at 10pm.

You can pre-order tickets here. Please remember that this event is 18+ only and all ticket holders will be carded at the door.

Second Guest Announcement

We are very pleased to welcome the lovely and talented Lyndsay Faye to 221B Con 2017! 

For more information on Lyndsay, visit our Guest page.

221B Con 2018

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221B Con

A Sherlock Holmes convention in Atlanta, GA. www.221bcon.com
  • We know that many of you have already heard the news, but we...

    We know that many of you have already heard the news, but we just wanted to make an official announcement.

    Anita Punja, known to most of us as Dallas, committed suicide last night.

    Many of us were friends with Dallas and even those who didn’t know her well will agree that she is an important part of the 221B Con family.

    She will be missed.

    We know that we are still processing this information and that the next few days will be especially difficult as we learn more about the circumstances. If you need to talk or just want to share some of your memories of Dallas, this group is an excellent place to do that.

    If you want to speak to any other director of the con, please know that we are available.

    Dallas touched the life of all of us and we will make sure that we never forget her.

    Please take care of each other and yourself.

    Love from all the Con Moms.