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Events & Programming

Below is the list of proposed panels for 221B Con 2018. Please be aware that more panels may be added, and some panels may not be included in the final programming.


50 Shades of "A"-Asexuality has become more visible in the fannish community through writing and through possible representations in media. A discussion of variations of asexuality and thoughts about how to represent asexual/aromantic characters in media.

221B Baking Street-Join us for a scrumptious panel on how Sherlock has inspired marshmallows, tea blending, and other foods.

ABO Fic-What is Omegaverse? Where did it come from? 18 and up (ID Required).

ACD on Mormonism-From the sweeping back story of The Sign of Four to his later non-Holmes works, ACD’s portrayal of Mormonism and Mormons went through changes.

Anachronistic History-Research is always important in period pieces but modern storytelling and sci fi have made it possible to alter the rules of time. A look at out of place technologies in different historical eras.

An Introduction to The Sherlock Holmes Tarot-An overview of the Sherlock Holmes Tarot and its correspondence with the traditional symbolism of the Tarot and the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Arthur Continuity Doyle-Beginning with a short talk about some of the more famous fixes in the canon, participants can bring up their favorite canonical inconsistencies, and the panelists (or audience) improvise ways to fix them on the spot.

AU Panel-Come discuss the great number of alternate universe and crossover fic available in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Being a Background Artist in Atlanta-Atlanta has become the Hollywood of the South. How can you get on big (or small) blockbusters that we have to drive around every day?

Beyond Wikipedia-A crash course in research methods for the discerning writer.

Cabin Pressure: Is GERTI still flying?-Three years after the last episode, how is the fandom still holding up? Are there new adventures for GERTI's crew? The actors and the creator want more. Will it happen? Are new fans joining the community, and what are your thoughts for the future?

Canon Cavalry-If you have questions about the canon come talk to our experts. Pick their brains, debate, or just discuss the ones that started it all.

Check Please!-This webcomic has taken the fan community by force. What makes it so popular? Why do we love it so much? A space to discuss and consider the popular queer hockey comic and of course is print release!

Coffeeshop AUs-Having Speedy’s right next door means that Sherlock Holmes and Coffeeshop AUs are a match made in strong, decadent roast heaven.

Coming to Terms After Series 4: Live with the Three Patch Podcast-How are you feeling, a year after "The Final Problem"? Among Three Patch Podcast staffers, we've negotiated a range of reactions. Some of us fell out of love with the BBC series. Many of us selectively accept some parts of Series 4 as canon and deny others. Some of us grapple with the dynamic between show creators and creative, critical audiences. Some of us felt hurt by Series 4 and are determined to heal. What about you? Whether you loved Series 4 or feel the need for some healing, come join the conversation. (NOT OPEN TO OUTSIDE PANELISTS)

Con Etiquette-An overview of how to navigate the con community.

Cuddle fic and fluff-Sometimes you just want to feel happy and content. What about this genre appeals to us?

Dirk Gently-A look at the BBCs new adaptation of the comedic detective.

Designing and Building an Original Costume-What do you do when you love Steampunk AND Disney, or Moulin Rouge AND Star Wars, or historical fashion AND superheroes? What if you have a great LARP character who needs a definitive “look?” Maybe you want to cosplay a non-human character or an object! We've got you covered.

Drug Use During the Victorian Era-We look at daily life during the Victorian era and the use of legal and illegal drugs.

Elementary-Just was approved for eight more episodes. Where do we think it’s going?

Elementary: The Fashion of Joan Watson-A panel presentation devoted to the fashion of Joan Watson. We will explore her iconic looks, favorite shift dresses, and how her wardrobe has evolved with the character over the seasons.

Eurus Holmes, Obscurials, Cursed Child, and Potterverse-Fandom has always seen thematic connections between BBC Sherlock and the Harry Potter stories. Like Delphi from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the story of Eurus is an arguably extra-canonical, controversial addition to an established storyline. A look at the connections between Eurus, Obscurials, and Delphi can elucidate what they bring to the fictional universes we already loved. (NOT OPEN TO OUTSIDE PANELISTS)

Every Disguise Is A Self Portrait: Healing Through Fic-A discussion of reading and writing fic as a method of obtaining support for self-discovery, personal growth and recovery. Helpful tips for writers having difficulty addressing important, yet uncomfortable, issues in their own work (homophobia, abuse, addiction).

Fan Art-Have questions on techniques? Want to talk about inspiration? Or just squee at them about how great they are? Spend an hour with some of your favorite fan artists.

Fandom Un-raveled: We’re Crafty-A look at online communities for Sherlock fans and fiber arts: knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.

Fanfiction Panel-All ages discussion of fan works.

Fanon: What the Hell is Wrong with Us?-Yep, it’s back! Does Anderson really love dinosaurs? What is up with John and that jam? In this panel we look at the many fan accepted conventions that have grown up in fandom.

Fannish Estate Planning-All too often, fans fail to make plans for the disposition of their fannish collections or management of their online accounts in the event that something happens to them. This panel will discuss what kinds of plans you might make, how a physical collection can be preserved for others, and how to protect your intellectual property when you can no longer manage your online presence.

Flavortown: An in depth discussion of Flavortown-Is it a place or state of mind? Why is Guy Fieri like this? Have you ever been to Flavortown? Bowling shirt optional but recommended.

Femme Friday: Women in the Canon and Transformative Works-Join the Baker Street Babes and some of their contributors discussing the women they covered in the new book and an open discussion on women in canon.

Femslash-Across fandom there is a growing community for femslash. Within our often sexist society, how do we as writers and readers create and consume femslash that seeks to express female sexuality and not merely pander to the male dominated view of two women together as "hot"?

Freaks in Love, Kink in Fic-A discussion of bdsm, consensual kink, power dynamics, and the challenges of writing a scene. 18 and up (ID Required).

Great Mouse Detective, Wishbone, Hamster Holmes-No, we’re not summoning some weird version of Sherlock Holmes Beetlejuice. Come talk about some of our favourite children’s stories and their Sherlockian influences.

Hannibal Pannibal-A Hannibal panel for those who hold out hope. We're lying in wait now but rumors abound about a possible resurrection of our beloved show. Come chat about murder, cannibalism, and canon gays. Yay!

Holmes in Retirement-Beekeeping, World War I, and life on the Sussex Downs.

Holmes through the Years-Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed fictional characters in the world. Come discuss decades of dramatic interpretations.

Insecurity, Imposter Syndrome, and other Creative Pitfalls-Being a fanfiction writer or artist is hard. You put your stuff out there and hope for the best. But there's often that feeling of not measuring up, that your stuff isn't good enough, that nobody really cares. It's important to talk about this, because it's normal, and it's okay. Everyone starts from somewhere, and someone does want to read or look at your stuff.

Inside 221b-Dive into the our favorite sleuths residence. Come discuss the interpretations of the rooms at Baker Street, from set design to dressing.

Irene Adler: The Many Faces of the Woman-From cool foe to love interest to Moriarty herself, why are we so fascinated with a woman who only met Holmes once in canon?

Janeite Sherlockians, there are more than you realize-A discussion on why those who are fans of Jane Austen are also fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Joan Watson-Joan Watson is arguably one of CBS’s most underappreciated characters. Join us to discuss Lucy Liu’s doctor.

Kingsman: The Re-Trashening-Suit up and grab your skippin' rope! This panel continues the discussion from the first movie to the events that happened during The Golden Circle. Join your favourite Kingsman and our new cousins, the Statesmen as we pour one (several) out for our favourite characters. Bring your hanky, we're going to be crying into our whisky.

The Lost World: Other Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-We all know ACD had mixed feelings about Sherlock Holmes, but did you know he wrote other novels? Come look at his lesser known works.

The Magicians-We'll be talking through our thoughts about the third season, the joys of following the cast and crew on Twitter, and of course, lots and lots of feelings. This panel may contain discussion of sensitive topics.

Managing Your Cosplay-You've got an idea for a cosplay, now what? We'll discuss how to take your project from an idea to a budgeted, planned, completed, and stored costume.

Marvel Cinematic Universe-Come discuss all your hopes and dreams for Avengers Infinity War and past Marvel movies.

McElroy Panel-A panel for all things McElroy-related. My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, etc. Come in your favourite Taako cosplay, that’s what we really want to see right?

Men's Victorian Costuming-Menswear is frequently overshadowed by women's fashion. This is an entire presentation focusing on the details of Victorian fashion for men, covering the daily garments, formal wear, and accessories.

Meta Writing-Meta writers and their analysis help us to appreciate Sherlock Holmes in new ways. Discussion of the meta writing process and of popular themes in meta.

Moriarty’s Web-How much of the canon is connected to Moriarty’s larger plan? Are we sure the Red Headed League just wasn’t a distraction for something else? Is it possible that the Napoleon of Crime may have had his hand in a sinking of a ship or two? What connections are there if we look?

Mrs. Hudson in Pastiche-A discussion about the growing and changing interest in her character as people in recent years look more closely into all the women of the Canon.

Murder on the Orient Express-Let’s break it down, how did the new movie compare to the previous one and to the book itself?

Mystrade: Law and Order-Let's talk about Mystrade, why we ship it, what makes it fun, and that "take care of him" conversation.

Neil Gaiman and Sherlock Holmes-A Study in Emerald and The Case of Death and Honey are just the beginning. This is a discussions of Sherlockian elements in Gaiman’s other works too!

The New Hotness-You have sixty seconds to pitch your new favorite fandom or pairing to the room. Who's got you all a-flutter these days? Join our open round table(ish) chat.

Phryne Fisher-The Kickstarter was successful and we’ve been promised at least one (if not three) films. Phryne and Jack are in for sure. Let’s gush about one of the coolest detectives around and what we hope is to come.

Playing the Game-Why we do it, how we do it, and where did it come from?

Podcasting-Love all these fandom podcasts? Ask the experts how to start your own.

Poly fic-There is a growing popularity of polyfic across fandom as a whole. What are the particular challenges with writing it? And suggest some popular pairings we should definitely have on our radar.

Podcasting-Love all these fandom podcasts? Ask the experts how to start your own.

Potterlock AUs-In the past we’ve sorted them, now it’s time to look at all the times we’ve transported them to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, or brought the magic to Baker Street. Even muggles are welcome in this panel!

PWP Fic-We all know that adult themes abound in fanfiction but why do we interact with this specific type of media differently than things that would traditionally be deemed pornographic. 18 and up (ID Required).

Queer characters in video games-An examination of queer coded or actual queer characters in video games.

Queering Sherlock-An academic minded exploration of queer interpretations of Sherlock Holmes stretching from the canon to contemporary adaptations. Why is this reading so common? What does it add to the story? What does it change? Note this is not an attempt to label the good detective, but an exercise in questioning why the Holmes fan community has discussed this very thing since A.C.D. was writing and what that questioning does for the character we all know and love.

Rare Pairs-What it says on the tin! Rare pairs and why we ship them.

Representation of Women in Modern Sci-Fi-Come and discuss what defines modern sci-fi and the roles open to e female characters. What are some of your favourites?

The Science of Enthusiasm: Fandom Stats for Sherlockians-Placing fandom under the microscope, this panel shares insights into the who, what, where, when, and how of our online communities, and challenges theories of why with the available facts. Warning: Answers may raise more questions.

Sentinel Verse-An AU verse that is perfect for Sherlock Holmes. Many times used in conjunction to the A/B/O verse, the Sentinel Verse in fanfiction focuses on an otherworldly partnership between a person who has enhanced senses and another whose empathy helps control them. All ages discussion.

Sherlock and John aboard Serenity-Let's put the characters of Sherlock into the roles of the TV show Firefly. Is Sherlock now Inara, River, Simon, or . . . who? Is John a better fit as Mal or Wash? Is Molly an obvious Kaylee? And how does the tale of Serenity play out differently with Sherlock tweaks in place? There's a bunch of possibilities and no one in the verse can stop us!

Sherlock Holmes in Advertising-The great detective has appeared in many places. Come join us as we look at his appearances in all forms of advertising.

Sherlock Holmes in Anime-Join us, not only as we discuss Sherlock Holmes and our favourite shows, but in video games from Japan as well!

Sherlock Holmes’s London Travel Guide–London on the cheap! And where are all those filming locations, anyway?

Sherlock Holmes Webcomics-Beyond traditional media, Sherlock Holmes is showing up in some of the coolest places. Let’s chat about our favorite SH webcomics. And while we are at it, how do you start and promote your own webcomic?

Sherlockian Actors on Stage-In the last two years many of the Sherlock actors have taken stage roles. What common characteristics crossover from screen to stage? How well do the actors transition from screen to stage? How strong overall were the performances...thumbs up or down?

Sherlock, Spock, or Sheldon-Three different people or one in the same? A discussion on how three ironic personalities from three different centuries are different and yet the same.

Sherlolly-Even before the hair ruffle kiss scene we were matching these two up. Come talk about one of our favorite pairings.

Steampunk Sherlock-A match made in a modern/futuristic Victorian London, come look at some unique steampunk reinterpretations of Sherlock Holmes.

Steven Universe-Let's talk about our favorite gay space rocks!

Tattoos and Sherlock-Tattoos and their iconography in the canon and pastiches.

Teaching and Fandom-Many of us in fandom are teachers, and no matter what subject we teach, fandom has influenced our teaching practice in many ways. In this panel, a group of educators will share ideas and talk about how participating in fandom has made us better teachers.

Transgender Issues in Fandom-Sherlock fandom has a flourishing trans community. This is reflected in many of the fan works we all love. A discussion of how trans-visibility is affecting fandom.

Twin Peaks-How was Twin Peaks positioned to become a cult object, both deliberately and accidentally; what did we think of season 3; where do we go from here? Are there parallels between the TP Fandom and Sherlockians?

Underwear Through The Ages-We'll take a look at a variety of recreated historical underwear, demonstrate how the silhouettes were achieved and how they changed from the 1700's to the early 20th Century.

Unilock/Teenlock AUs-We love our AUs, we all know it. So let’s specifically talk about one of our favourites and our fascination with young Sherlock (and sometimes Victor and John).

Using tarot for writer's block-A presentation of exercises designed to use tarot cards to help gather information and clarify character motivation for the purposes of writing fanfic and beyond!

Victorian London and Granada Holmes-Join us as we talk about how the city of London played a role in one of the most well known Sherlockian series. We’ll talk about our favourite scenes, how they were done, and if you can still visit the locations.

Villains Need Love Too-Is Sauron your sweetheart? Do you have a soft spot for a Dalek? Want to have dinner with Hannibal Lecter? Don’t limit yourself to Moriarty. We want them all.

Vincent Starrett-Journalist, bibliophile, and author. What convention would be complete without a look at the man who reminds us that it is “always eighteen ninety-five?”

Voltron legendary defender-Go to space and represent the human race. A panel all about the Netflix series, with a discussion on the character backgrounds, interracial relationships, trans/genderqueer characters, racism in space, and an unlikely friendship between 4 teens, their mentor, a princess, and her advisor as they battle evil.

Watsons Through Time-A look at the many different actors to portray Watson.

Women in Canon: Victorian Ladies Everywhere!-A look at the canonical women of the Sherlockian Universe.

Women's Victorian Costuming-Creating a Victorian look can be easier than you think. We'll go over the evolving fashion trends of the 1800's, debunk the myths and de-mystify their creation with modern examples.

World Building for Writers-Creating in depth universes to play hosts to your characters. What are some pitfalls we have all faced and how do we get around them?

The Worst Sherlock-We love to argue about who is the best Sherlock but maybe we can all agree who is the worst.

Yarders-Sure everyone loves Lestrade, but let’s take a look at some of our other favorite officers.

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